Took my first quiz today

Today I took my first quiz, a true and false, multiple choice, half an hour deal in Torts. I’m feeling confident now, as I blew through most of it and only had to ponder deeply on a few of the questions. Still, this was the only opportunity I’ve had to date to evaluate how good of a job I’m doing internalizing the information.

My general plan of attack for studying looks to be holding up. I do the class readings, highlighting in multiple colors the cases to have pertinent info ready for class. If I’m unclear on the case, I’ll write out a formal brief — though I’m needing to do that less frequently as I grow used to reading and processing legal decisions. All this is supplemented by a sometimes staggering assortment of secondary materials: the excellent Examples & Explanations series, a few other brief hornbooks, a couple of outlines, and audio materials in the form of the Life of a Law Student podcasts and the Sum & Substance lecture series.

Hearing the same topic covered in a variety of forms usually gets it to stick pretty well in my head. I’m still in that early phase of the journey into the law where I don’t have a solid framework upon which to hang new facts and ideas. I’m lacking the broader philosophical perspective that has served me so well in the past to synthesize information. Hopefully, that will come soon.

But for a first pass at under pressure evaluation, I’m happy. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the feeling lasts when the grade comes back.

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